Confusion Reigns, Common Sense In Question and Science Scorned

By Josh Resnek

The numbers of people coming down with Omicron are declining rapidly but still remain high and persistent.

Protests over masks and vaccines seem to intensify instead of science being paid proper attention to.

The likes of Joe Rogen and Tucker Carlson seem more influential than scientists like Dr. Anthony Fauci and the leading researchers and epidemiologists in the United States.

In Canada, generally considered one of the most sane and safe places to live, the Trumpian style trucker protest now entering its second week could prove to be the undoing of Canadian sanity.

What is the trucker protest about? Vaccinations.

Here in Everett, a tour of the city reveals great attention being paid to wearing masks in stores everywhere, in the public schools, in nearly all public places, inside city hall, restaurants, the Post Office, fire stations, and supermarkets.

Everett residents wonder – when does this stop or will it ever stop or is this the new normal?

More than 7,000 new cases of COVID were reported in Massachusetts on February 7, according to the Massachusetts Department of Health.

The seven day average came in at 3,705 new cases.

For the week, there will be more than 25,000 new cases reported.

Perhaps 150 or more new cases were reported in Everett last week.

Ninety-three people died last week from COVID in Massachusetts.

Everett deaths, if any, are not listed.

Middlesex County, and this includes Everett, remains a hot spot.

The million dollar question?

When does this all end and we return back to normal?

This is a prediction that cannot reasonably be made by reasonable people.

Those who do not pay attention to science believe society should just get on with life, accept the sickness and death, do away with vaccinations, masks, restrictions of every kind and make believe everything is OK.

Those who believe in science work hard to remain healthy and to keep the virus at bay.

Whether or not we wear masks or receive vaccinations, we are all at risk.

This is the new reality here and everywhere.

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