Everett High School Marching Band Rocks

At the recent 70th Anniversary of the bombing of Pearly Harbor in December, the Everett High School Marching Band was there.

This was an extraordinarily proud moment for the band kids from Everett.

They were the only high school musicians at one of this na- tion’s most solemn remembrances.

Gene O’Brien, Band Director should be praised for his years and years of dedication and loyalty to the Everett High School kids in the band.

Jeannie Cristiano said it best:

“As a veteran, as the wife of a veteran and as the mother of two veterans, and as the city veterans commissioner, I can’t tell you how proud I am of you all. Everett veterans were proud and appreciative. You did a wonderful job!” she said at Monday night’s school committee meeting.

The band received glowing citations from the House of Representatives presented by Rep. Joe McGonagle, from the State Senate and the Governor brought by Senator Sal DiDomenico School Committeewoman Millie Cardello presented a citation from the School Committee, the City Council and the mayor.

Senator DiDomenico stole the show when he read a citation from President Joe Biden.

The Everett High School Marching Band will be performing in DC on Memorial Day in May.

The Everett Marching Band is about success. Success is about working together creatively.

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