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Surveillance Devices Removed from Superintendent’s Office by FBI

Electronic surveillance monitoring equipment was taken out of the ceiling of the superintendent’s office. Shown above is a generic photograph of electronic surveillance equipment that is visible. The equipment in the superintendent’s office was hidden in the ceiling.

FBI Questions Official at Adams School

By Josh Resnek

Two surveillance devices were apparently removed from the ceiling of Superintendent Priya Tahiliani’s office at the school administration headquarters on Vine Street and taken into custody by the FBI on January 28, according to a variety of sources familiar with the developing situation.

All the sources wished to remain unnamed.

Sources claimed after confiscating the surveillance devices the FBI questioned several school department employees who work at the Adams School regarding the discovery.

The surveillance devices were discovered during a sweep of the Vine Street school administration building by an electronic surveillance expert allegedly brought in at the superintendent’s request.

Two devices were discovered buried under separate smaller holes drilled into the ceiling.

The State Police were first notified and appeared at Vine Street.

The FBI was later notified.

FBI Agent Matthew Elio responded to the Vine Street location and removed the electronic surveillance equipment.

The FBI is presumably checking the equipment for its date of purchase, whether or not it was functioning before it was removed and who might be responsible for its placement and its management, according to sources.

Sources told the Leader Herald that the FBI went to the Adams School in Everett following the confiscation of the surveillance equipment.

At least one school department employee was apparently questioned by the FBI at that time.

Monday morning, a school administration employee who works at the Adams School was terminated.

It is not known whether that employee’s termination is related to the discovery of surveillance equipment in the superintendent’s office.

Several months ago, before the election, Mayor Carlo DeMaria, accompanied by Everett Police Chief Steven Mazzie, inspected the City Clerk’s office at city hall following what was purported to be the installation of surveillance cameras in that city office.

The mayor did not answer a request for comment. He is apparently in Florida on vacation.

Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahiliani directed the Leader Herald to reach out to her attorney, Benjamin Flam.

Attorney Flam did not respond to the Leader Herald’s calls.

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