Surveillance Equipment Discovery A Rude Awakening for City Employees

Does FBI Want to Speak with Kevin Dorgan, the City’s IT?

By Josh Resnek

When the FBI removed two pieces of electronic surveillance equipment from the office ceiling of Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahiliani two weeks ago, the event set in motion a confluence of events in Everett, and in law enforcement circles.

“The FBI has either subpoenaed or directly asked for all archival video footage that would show those entering and leaving the Vine Street School Administration building, and would reveal who exactly entered the superintendent’s office in the hope that whomever placed

the video equipment could be identified,” said a source close to the investigation who wished to remain unnamed for fear of retaliation.

American Alarm, the Arlington firm that manages and maintains the school department’s video machinery, has allegedly been asked directly by the FBI to provide whatever it has with regard to Vine Street video footage.

“The FBI has either subpoenaed the video from American Alarm or requested it. American Alarm is apparently cooperating with the FBI,” added the source.

The discovery of surveillance equipment inside the ceiling of the superintendent’s office has caused a wave of speculation and unanswered questions.

Are there additional locations used by teachers in the public schools that are under surveillance?

If so, who installed them? Who ordered such an installation?

Sources claim that Kevin Dorgan, the city’s chief IT official, who works inside a basement office at city hall, has been asked to speak with the FBI.

Dorgan is the chief “mechanic” for the city’s far flung computer operations. He is the point man for fixing whatever is broken when it comes to the computers used by city employees.

His official title is that of Director of Information Technology.

Dorgan is in charge of managing, maintaining, upgrading, and incorporating hardware and software for all computer technologies throughout the city.

“He is also in charge of monitoring employee use of computers, and this includes e-mails,” added a source who is a city employee.

“It is likely he does whatever the mayor tells him to do,” the source added.

“I believe he has a list of certain city employees who he is supposed to surveille carefully and report back to the mayor about their e-mails,” the source said.

“I know. I’m one of them.”

Dorgan declined to comment.

The mayor did not respond to questions we put before him.

The FBI declined to comment.

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