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DiPierrro Snubbed Me With A Wave of His Hand and A Smirk 

My name is Donna Steriti. I have lived in Everett for approximately 35 years. I volunteered on the Capone mayoral campaign because I think Fred is one of the most decent politicians I have ever met and I am disturbed by the way this administration acts and has been running this city for some time now. 

I have to admit that like many other people, I was woefully unaware of a lot of things that were going on but your paper and my involvement with the campaign proved to be very enlightening on many matters. 

As a result, I have been attending many of the city council meetings, specifically when the mayor’s longevity pay is on the agenda. I was in attendance on Thursday and was disgusted by the vote to give the mayor $2500/yr. especially since they had voted the previous week to limit it to $1700/ line with other city department heads. Quite honestly, I don’t believe he should get a single penny. He is EXTREMELY well compensated without any bonus. 

Now to the reason for my email to you: 

Immediately after the meeting was adjourned, I headed toward the councilors to voice my displeasure with the vote and to discuss it with them. In particular, I wanted to speak to Mr. Lattanzi, Mr. DiPierro, Ms. Martins and Mr. Hanlon. 

Within seconds of my approach, while I started to speak with Mr. Lattanzi, Mr. DiPierro rose and began to make a beeline for the “inner sanctum”. I asked him why he was leaving and said I wanted to speak to him. He gave a dismissive wave of his hand and with a smirk on his face, said goodnight (or maybe goodbye). I told him it was his job as an elected official to speak to his constituents and hear their concerns. He ignored my request and proceeded with his exit. 

I don’t think the video was running since the meeting had adjourned, but a few people commented to me that they had seen him make his quick exit. It would be interesting to see if any of this encounter was caught on film. I know that you usually write a piece about these meetings and I definitely think it would be worth mentioning his behavior. I believe it just emphasizes what we already know; that he has absolutely no concern for the citizens of Everett who he is supposed to serve. 

Thank you for continuing to shine a light on all of the dubious goings-on in the city. My hope is that the city council members will realize that the people of Everett are sick and tired of it all and that will finally decide to do the job they were elected to and are paid for; namely, to represent the city’s and its residents’ best interests. 

It will be up to the people of Everett to do our job and vote them out of office if they don’t! 

Donna Steriti 

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