Stabbed Again In The Back 

By Stephen Pinto 

The majority of the city council backstabbed Everett taxpayers again last Thursday. In the end they rewarded the mayor and approved longevity, ignoring the fact that the mayor already illegally took $180,000 of taxpayer money.

They should first have asked themselves one question. What would happen if a city employee did what the mayor did? That city employee would be terminated and would possibly be facing a judge for stealing taxpayer money. The employee would probably be court ordered to pay the money back. The employee certainly would not be rewarded. What if one of Mr. Lattanzi’s hardware store employees took money that he was not entitled to, it’s called stealing.

Would that employee be terminated or rewarded by Lattanzi? 

So why is the city council treating the mayor differently? Why are they rewarding the mayor? The city council is a circus. 

You have Councilor Anthony DiPierro, the biggest clown of them all, the mayor’s cousin, voting to reward the mayor for taking taxpayer money that he was not legally entitled too. Talk about a conflict of interest. Everett taxpayers need to continue to come out of their long hibernation and see the injustice and the theft, the favoritism, nepotism and retaliation that’s been happening for years. The city council circus must end. This is what happens when we stop holding our elected officials to a higher standard. 

These elected officials believe no one is watching and the majority of taxpayers don’t really care. And for many years this was true. Taxpayers work hard to support themselves and their families. And the city councilors give our money away to a greedy little man. Carlo DeMaria should be setting a good example for city employees by being honest and admitting his wrong doings and apologizing. 

He should return the money he illegally took. If he refuses to return the money voluntarily, he should be made to pay it back by a court order. 

Hiding behind the disingenuous CFO Mr. Demas and his clowns on the city council, the mayor cannot expect much cover anymore. 

The genie has been let out of the bottle. 

When you take something that’s not rightfully yours and hide the very fact, what is that called? In my opinion it’s called lying and stealing. And the councilors who don’t see anything wrong with this are just as guilty. It also leads me to question their moral character, integrity and honesty. Everett’s taxpayers have awakened. 

It’s never too late to right the years of injustice. It’s time to know your councilors. Know which councilors are on the side of the taxpayer vs the greedy dishonest mayor. 

Stephen Pinto writes about politics and Everett. He is a longtime Everett resident. 

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