Anthony DiPierro’s Future

Councilor Anthony DiPierro believes he is going to be the next mayor of Everett.

This may come as news to many residents as Carlo DeMaria has almost four years to go before there is another election.

It is a bit early to be making predictions about who will be the next mayor of Everett.

That being said, DiPierro is a not so interesting study of arrogance and big feeling, intellectual emptiness and the willingness to do as he is told by his cousin the mayor.

There isn’t an independent bone in his subservient body.

He speaks well. He is smooth. He is almost slick.

He presents himself as Mr. Calm, Mr. Nice Guy, and Mr. Common Sense.

All he is about is performing for his cousin the mayor.

When it has been shown decisively that the mayor should not have been receiving a $40,000 a year longevity payment, DiPierro shook his head in disagreement.

He said he believes the mayor is worth the payment.

What he didn’t say, what he would never say, is that the pay- ment is likely illegal – the only reason the mayor didn’t accept it before the council reduced it to $2,500 a year. This, we believe, proves its illegal.

If it wasn’t illegal, unethical, immoral or a simple theft, the mayor couldn’t have been held back by five people as he tried to grab it.

One needn’t wonder if DiPierro will ask that the $190,000 the mayor already received in payments that shouldn’t have been made should be paid back.

DiPierro’s inability to show an ounce of independent reasoning is because he’s in a locked step with his cousin the mayor.

They share many points of view about women, racism, and misogyny. There is quite a bit of chatter that they make racist jokes with each other.

They shared many negative points of view about former Councilor at Large Gerly Adrien, the first Black woman to be elected to the Everett City Council.

They couldn’t stand her.

They wanted her to step down from the council.

But she refused.

This is a black mark on DiPierro’s treatment of minorities and of the first Black woman to serve with him on the council. DiPierro is like a good looking piece of sirloin.

However, if he were to be cooked, he’d be tough to chew, and he wouldn’t taste as good as he looks.

DiPierro is incredibly transparent.

He did not care for the only Black woman to be elected to the city council.

He would have preferred that she resign or find something other than Everett government to concern herself with.

In the world he lives in, Adrien didn’t belong.

That’s the kind of one way small thinking guy he is when you boil him down.

He’s self-serving without an ounce of independent thinking. He is entirely married to
the mayor.

A DiPierro mayoralty would be an extension of DeMaria’s term.

What DiPierro doesn’t understand is that his cousin might decide to run again when faced with being able to do nothing else with his life.

DiPierro would be thrown under the bus.

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