The Ukrainians

Who among us has not been captivated and inspired by the Ukranian people fighting off the Russian monster!

In this fight–and it is not a war–rather–it is an invasion by a much stronger nation of a much weaker nation, we are seeing the underdog rising to the moment.

The Ukranians have been hurting the Russians, and in ways they never imagined.

And what do we do to help? We send the Ukrainian people our best wishes. We light our cities with the colors of the Ukranian flag and we show videos of the fighting on CNN and Fox and a host of other stations.

We have managed to lose every war we have fought in since World War II. And if we didn’t lose the war, we lost the peace.

We are right now basically being held hostage by a brutal dictator out of the Joe Stalin playbook.

Anything can happen, and it might, with Vladimir Putin running the show.

What Putin is going to learn the hard way is that the Russians may take control of buildings and government posts throughout the Ukraine, but he will not be able to control the Ukranian people from decimating his troops in a long drawn out incursion that is going to be very costly.

There are 46 million Ukrainians.

The vast majority of them do not want to be ruled by Putin and controlled by Russia.

Wait until the body bags start returning to Russia in droves. Only then, will the Russian people be awakened.

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