Brady Coming Back

Tom Brady retired about 44 days ago. He announced Monday he is coming back!

The GOAT has barely been away and now he is returning in triumph and glory to make another run for the biggest prize in football.

Fans across the nation may not be delighted at the news, but those of us who have followed Brady all the time everywhere for the past two decades in New England are, frankly, extremely pleased that he has changed his mind.

Then again, maybe he never meant to retire.

Some sports columnists believe Brady did a fake retirement to cause a fuss when he announced he was coming back.

If this was the GOAT’s strategy, it worked.

Brady coming back heightens the interest in pro football.

Brady returning makes pro football more competitive. There is a risk in Brady coming back.

He could lose his stuff two games into the season.

He could be injured.

But this we know: Brady will compete and if all things are equal, he will be hard to beat.

For the Buccaneers, it is a great announcement.

For all of us who love Brady, it is great news at a time when so much of the news is so grim and unappealing.

Our only unfulfilled wish – that he was coming back in glory and triumph to lead the Patriots.

How did we let him get away? That is our common lament. How did we let him get away?

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