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Councilor DiPierro’s Racist, Anti-Black E-Mail & Text Messaging

We are publishing these examples of Councilor Anthony DiPierro’s racist e-mails and anti-Black messaging with a clear conscience.

We do so, however, with trepidation because of the seriousness of such hate materials flowing from his computer or cell phone to friends and associates in government coming from a member of the Everett City Council.

These are sensational and telling indications of how DiPierro really thinks in the privacy of his Internet messaging. It reveals a dark side to the city councilor who believes he will be the next mayor, and who is the mayor’s cousin and was his campaign manager.

Considering we have all been watching on our flat screens the slaughter in Ukraine, including the bombing of a hospital filled with pregnant women, we felt the least we could do is to reproduce these anti-Black, racist e-mails and memes.

They are bombs against people of color that cause a different kind of explosion.

Josh Resnek, Editor

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