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Conversations between the mayor’s Blue Suit and Josh Resnek

The mayor went berserk when the city council voted down his $2,500 a year longevity payment to $1,700. He complained about Anthony voting against it as well. He was wild.


– The Blue Suit talking with Josh Resnek


When push came to shove Monday night at the city council meeting, the mayor suffered an extraordinary loss – probably a catastrophe if the truth be known.

Not only did he lose his $40,000 fake longevity payment – called a fraud by Fred Capone – but he lost as well the yearly $2,500 he was going to get when the city council voted for Stephanie Smith’s motion instead of Anthony DiPierro’s.

In the end, and the end is coming, Carlo will have to pay the money back. It is as though he robbed a bank and didn’t get caught for four years. Then the Leader Herald caught him. Six months later, he has been stripped of the longevity. Demands are rising that he needs to pay back the money. Even if he pays back the money, Carlo still has a problem. What is that? You can’t rob a bank, hand the money back you stole and be let off by the law. Robbing a bank is a crime. In this case, robbing the city treasury is going to prove to be a crime. It will take law enforcement to figure out the crime. Fred Capone the lawyer said it best, “It’s a fraud what he did.”

When those two votes were taken Monday night, one to give the mayor $2,500 yearly fashioned by his cousin Anthony and another offered by Smith to give him $1,700 yearly, the city council did a historic turnaround and voted for Smith’s measure over Anthony’s.

When push came to shove, Anthony announced he wouldn’t be voting for his own motion – a cruel offing of the mayor to save a semblance of his own skin after being humiliated earlier in the meeting by a mob shouting to the heavens that he’s a racist and white supremacist. Goes to show you what being found out using the N-word is like in the present political environment or in any modern and enlightened environment.

“The mayor watched the debacle on his wide screen inside his mansion on Abbott Street. He could not believe what he was seeing and hearing when Anthony announced for all to hear, “I will not be voting for my own motion,” the Blue Suit told me.

“That’s when I heard Carlo say, ‘”I’m done with Anthony. He can’t throw me under the bus like that and get away with it,’” “I heard him say to someone he was speaking on the phone,” the Blue Suit told me Monday as we drove around the city.

“And by the way, Josh, did you know the mayor has two phones he uses?”

“ I don’t care if he has three phones,” I answered the Blue Suit. “I know for a fact Carlo has said and sent messages every bit as racist and bad as Anthony. After all, they are both from the same family and cut from the same cloth,” I added.

“What he says about the Irish is every bit as bad for the Irish as what he tends to think about the Blacks,” I added.

“Simply put, Carlo is not a lover. He’s a hater, a bad guy what some people in this city call a bum,” I told the Blue Suit.

“Carlo doesn’t want to be around Black people. He has no interest in Black society, or Black kids, or Black politicians. He proved that with Gerly Adrien,” the Blue Suit shot back. “I hate to say it, but he doesn’t like the company of Black people. He has no Black friends. And what’s worse, that’s how he wants his life to be and how he leads his life,” the Blue Suit said.

“What did he think about Anthony using the N-word and pass- ing around racist messages?” I asked.

“At first, Carlo thought it was funny. You know, racist guys be- ing racist together and having a few laughs about how funny they are,” the Blue Suit told me. “you have to know Carlo, Jerry and Greg all trade racist messages with each other and talk about people like they are scum – especially you, Josh. And they have a special thing for Irish people. They don’t particularly care for the Irish,” the Blue Suit said.

“Now, Carlo is busy doing damage control. The racist stuff his chief of communications Denna Deveney shared with Anthony or which Anthony shared with her freaked him out. He called Anthony and asked him how many more racist e-mails are there?”

“What did Anthony say in reply?” I asked the Blue Suit.

“I couldn’t hear but Anthony’s answer didn’t placate Carlo. He was wild. He said Anthony was putting everything in jeopardy for him and that he’d have to distance himself. I heard him tell Anthony to go F himself,” the Blue Suit admitted.

“You’ve got to be kidding me?” I answered with amazement. “He told his cousin and campaign chief to go F himself?”

“Yes he did, Josh,” the Blue Suit told me.

The meeting Monday night of the city council featured Carlo’s robots Dickie Dell Isola and Mike Mangan doing what they do best,” I said.

“What’s that, Josh?” the Blue Suit asked.

Dickie was very concerned at the beginning of the public speak- ing portion of the meeting about what the speakers were going to say and he wanted John Hanlon to remind them about the rules as if to say: “Tell them, John. They can’t speak against the mayor or me or Anthony or any of us whose votes are owned by Carlo.” Mike Mangan liked that. He agreed with Dickie,” I informed the Blue Suit.

“Hanlon understood the angry scene developing in front of him. The speakers were going to be heard by John Hanlon even if Dickie didn’t want them heard, which is what the mayor asked Dickie to do. After all, Dickie has like four family members working for the city,” I told the Blue Suit.

“Dickie would rather have talked about a plugged toilet or an employee benefit for his family rather than discuss Anthony’s racism or the mayor’s fake longevity payment,” I added.

“Oh, and one last thing about that $40,000 a year the mayor got when it was supposed to be $2,500. I’m told that three or four people in the Human Resources Department engineered the plan and that one of them needs to rat on the others to the FBI and the mayor is cooked. I am also told Demas is already cooked and feeling the heat for treating people like human refuse and doing things no CFO should ever consider doing.”

“Yup” I said.

“The mayor’s world changed Monday night in the library in Everett High School where reality finally caught up with fakery,” I concluded.

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