Why Are Gasoline & Fuel Prices Soaring? Three Reasons: Speculation, Gouging, President Biden

By Josh Resnek

It isn’t your local gasoline station and heating oil owners who are ripping us off.

It is the major oil companies ripping us off.

Gasoline prices have spiked. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

It is the President of the United States more committed to climate control than he is to end- ing the Ukraine War and denying Russia the ability to sell its oil.

The Ukraine war has given the oil companies a reason to raise prices dramatically even at a time when supply has not dropped and reserves remain abundant.

All of Europe buys Russian oil. Until that is stopped, Russia has the money to slaughter Ukranians.

And what are we doing? We’re thinking about calling on the Iranians and Venezuela to ramp up their sales and their oil production.

If you read CNN’s bologna, they tell you there are many reasons oil prices are soaring and gasoline is going over the top. They tell you everything except the truth – and the truth is – prices have gone sky high because of gouging, not because of a shortage.

Here in America, we are producing and selling 2 million barrels a day less of oil than we were producing 2 years ago. Our production in the United States could be raised overnight – and despite supply line problems, that oil could be delivered anywhere in the world, including to Europe.

This piece isn’t about hating President Biden. It is about looking at the situation honestly. We are at a time in history when the mid-term

elections are more important than the war in Ukraine and the possibility of nuclear war.

We must be nice to the Russians, who are basically savages, slaughtering men, women and children as we all watch in the comfort of our homes on wide screen televisions.

Biden needs to forget about climate control for six months, ramp up American production and bury the Russians by ending their flow of oil to all of Europe.

Let’s stop kidding ourselves – and let’s stop believing the left and right hype.

It is the truth that hurts.

Gouging, speculation and a president who lacks the stamina to make bold decisions to slay the Russian giant – let alone to provide the brave Ukrainians with what they need to survive.

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