COVID Infections Dropping Dramatically; The Worst Seems To Have Passed

By Josh Resnek

By all accounts, the pandemic in Massachusetts is moving on. The mass inoculation of nearly everyone in the state has proven its value, despite the claims by anti-vaxers that we have somehow given up our rights by allowing ourselves to be vaccinated.

The slowdown in new cases and deaths – there were about 40 deaths last week and only 7,000 reported new cases of COVID in Massachusetts last week.

The local economy and social life of nearly all of us has been dramatically altered by 2 years of lockdowns, health warnings, widespread illness and high numbers of deaths.

Coming back from this is going to take a long while.

It took 2 years to get where we are.

It will take at least another two years to move back to where we used to be.

Will we ever get there?

Will life return to what used to be normal?

Older folks with existing conditions, in fact, everyone with pre-existing conditions is at risk from contracting the virus.

There remains a great deal of risk for those people.

This is why we see the wearing of face masks remaining so prevalent at major supermarkets and wherever large crowds of people converge to shop.

As long as the higher risk of sickness and possible death exists for a large part of the population, the new normal will remain more than it will disappear.

With China announcing new large outbreaks of COVID, there remains the possibility of the continuing spread of the virus.

Most major cities in the world are barely coming back to life as it used to be known. In every major city in the United States, working inside enclosed offices has given way to working at home.

This has led to a radical change in the work force and how the work force operates. At the corporate level, this has changed the world while at the same time causing major disruptions in the life of downtown population centers. Boston has not returned to normal.

Larger crowds exist here and there. Sporting events and concerts are now allowed. Many people starved for excitement have flocked to them – but the worry remains.

It is not going away anytime soon.

The change in how we work and where we work is much more a major change for the business world and for our society at large – one which we have not yet come to terms with and which appears to have the power to remain as it is for quite a long time to come.

First the computer altered the workplace.

Now the pandemic and its results have done the same.

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