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DiPierro Suspended From Job Without Pay; Claims To Be Seeking Help

By Josh Resnek

Embattled Councilor Anthony DiPierro was suspended without pay for an indefinite period of time by his employer, Sabatino Insurance.

Councilor Anthony DiPierro

DiPierro’s anti-Black racist memes and Internet messages shared with city officials in a thread and revealed in the Leader Herald and the Boston Globe, have cast a harsh, negative light on the mayor’s cousin, and his campaign chief.

Rocco Longo, the owner and founder of the agency, told the Leader Herald DiPierro will not be working at the agency nor will he be paid until such time as the city’s investigation into his racist actions has been completed.

“I will not stand for racism by any of my employees. I abhor racism. I am disappointed in Anthony’s behavior. I will not tolerate such behavior under any circumstances. My agency does not see by race or color. We treat everyone with respect and dignity – and I expect my employees to do the same,” Longo said Monday

DiPierro has not spoken with the Leader Herald.

However, he has indicated to those who have that he wants to try to learn from this experience.

DiPierro has gone on a campaign, supported by the mayor who refuses to ask him to resign, to pump up local support for him to remain in his position.

He has apparently been speaking with religious leaders and members of the Black community begging for their forgiveness and imploring them to believe he will change.

According to those who know him who wished to remain unnamed, he has shown no remorse while at the same time claiming he is sorry.

The Reverend Brown has supported the mayor’s effort to save DiPierro’s council seat.

This was expected as Reverend Brown closely follows the prompts he receives from Mayor Carlo DeMaria.

Privately, many members of the city council and the school committee are hoping DiPierro will resign.

Publicly, elected public officials are all afraid to speak out or unwilling to speak out be- cause of what the mayor might do in retaliation.

DiPierro has not communicated with the Leader Herald despite calls for comment.

Neither has the mayor chosen to comment to the Leader Herald despite repeated efforts to reach him.

Only School Superintendent Priya Tahiliani has called for his resignation in bold and uncertain terms at Monday night’s meeting of the School Committee.

Her impassioned speech was met with virtually no sup- port from the members of the School Committee.

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