Everett Youth Council Speaks Out

As students of Everett Public Schools, we are a part of the multiracial Everett community. It has come to our attention that Everett Councilor Anthony DiPierro made derogatory statements and shared a racist meme. We are deeply upset about these discriminatory actions and disheartened by the complacency of the Everett city government.

While the texts and memes were not meant for the public eye, it still impacted the black community in Everett. These incidents heighten distrust in city government within our community. They elevate our discomfort with public policy leaders and rebuild the barriers between us. Unfortunately, despite DiPierro’s apology, this does alter our perception of him and the city government. This event has indicated that he lacks integrity, a trait that our educators constantly advise us to acquire. Even in private circles, City Councilors should be role models for future generations, and we are very disappointed.

We acknowledge that DiPierro is working with Human Resources and enrolling in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training. He stated that he has spoken to minority, civic and religious leaders of the community. However, he has not addressed the Black students at Everett Public Schools and the larger Black community of Everett. His statements after the news aired does not show true accountability. To us, true accountability is a series of intentional actions that rectify the harm that has been done. Unless he looks into the faces of students that he harmed, apologize for his damaging, racist actions and statements, and initiate conversations about racism with the broader community, DiPierro should not be our role model.

Sincerely, Youth Members


The Everett Youth Council is an Everett High School group consisting of about ten members.

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