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Irish Humiliated In Racist E-mail and Text Threads Shared By Mayor, Others

Everett Irish Family Derided As “F-ing Irish Clowns”

By Josh Resnek

Mayor Carlo DeMaria has been revealed as one of three men writing and receiving obscene racist, threatening anti- Irish e-mails and sharing them and agreeing wholeheartedly with their intent.

The shared messaging either initiated by the mayor or the other two, also highlights the inner workings of the administration as it seeks to exclude those perceived as enemies.

Last week, the mayor’s campaign chief and cousin Councilor Anthony DiPierro was revealed to have sent out a thread of offensive, anti-Black racist memes, texts and or e-mail messages to a number of city officials and colleagues.

The coming to light of anti-Irish expressions of hate, Internet messages shared by the holder of the highest office in the city with others, are remarkably similar with that of DiPierro.

“F-ing Irish clowns,” is how the mayor, his chief aid Jerry Navarra and a third person describe a prominent Everett Irish family in one such exchange.

The mayor’s anti-Irish animus is ironic. This week and last week he attended three major Irish St. Patrick’s Day events to show his public solidarity with everything Irish.

The mayor’s public expressions of camaraderie with the Irish at St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and his private messaging appear to be at odds with one another.

He was seen laughing and smiling, even cheering at the Irish time in Southie where the politicians like to gather for an annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration. He appeared at Stewart’s Pub on Elm Street with DiPierro – sharing drinks and pretending to enjoy the Irish banter. He also held a $100 a person Irish time at the casino which the governor attended.

This week the Leader Herald reveals the mayor, his chief loyalist Jerry Navarra and another member of the mayor’s ruling group who we have identified but will not name because of the sensitivity of the matter, have been trading racist Internet messaging denouncing the Irish for quite some time.

All three men traded comments with one another with a number of racist and profanity laced messages, according to information the Leader Herald is in possession of and which has been confirmed.

In one such message sent from the unnamed man to the mayor and Navarra, they discuss the former publisher of the Leader Herald Elizabeth Curnane.

“I tried to buy it when it was for sale (one of the three says of the sale of the Leader Herald). “Curnane’s wife said they could never sell to an Italian,” the sender of the message shared with the mayor and Navarra. The exchange is begun with an “LOL”.

“True story,” the unnamed man adds to the mayor and Navarra.

In another message, the mayor, Navarra and their associate trade threats they want to make, vendettas they wish to launch, and investigations intended to bring down perceived opponents.

In one such exchange, the mayor and Navarra and associate all agree about an Everett Irish family in a message sent by the mayor.

“We need to go hard on these people, the bar rooms, the rooming houses…” the mayor wrote.

“So let’s dig up every piece of dirt…” he ordered Navarra and the unnamed associate.

“F them,” the associate writes to the mayor and Navarra. “They are clowns.” To date, the mayor has refused to ask for DiPierro to resign.

The mayor did not respond to the Leader Herald for a comment.

The mayor has professed to be launching an investigation into DiPierro’s actions as well as the actions of others, including his chief communications officer, Deanna Deveney. Deveney is Irish.

Deveney was included in one of DiPierro’s racist e-mail threads.

Deveney was asked for a comment. She did not respond.

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