Mayor Part of Racism Problem

It is impossible for the mayor to find the courage to ask his cousin Councilor Anthony DiPierro to resign.

The mayor would have to resign first to make such a thing hap- pen.

The mayor’s racism has been a big question here for nearly a lifetime.

He speaks privately with a forked and obscene and racist tongue about Blacks and Browns, Irish and Jews, Spanish speaking and Brazilians.

The mayor sets the standard. The mayor works to keep the standard. He upholds the standard by allowing racism to exist in his administration and in the city government with threats of retaliation and bullying.

That he has not fired his media chief Deanna Deveney defies modern logic and moral standards.

Keeping her proves she knows too much about him to demand that he let her go.

Her complicity in DiPierro’s racist outrages would have required her to resign from nearly any job she might have held anywhere in the nation.

But not in Everett.

That she is a lawyer and should have known better than to accept racist memes from DiPierro or anyone and say nothing about them – well – what is there to say about such a person who serves the mayor and the city.

The mayor is steadfast in his belief his lawyers and his racist team will protect him from outside interference.

Ride out the storm. Everyone will forget soon enough. No one cares. These are his core beliefs, and quite frankly, he isn’t far from being right.

What the mayor misses is that Everett’s population is not made up of people like him.

Not everyone living here is a racist, a sexist, a misogynist and a hater. People put up with the mayor’s antics and those of DiPierro and the city council and the school committee because no one wants to get hurt.

You speak out and you get hurt in this city.

This situation will not last forever. What is happening now proves this.

The mayor is approaching a low point, his base further degenerating since the election.

Let’s see what happens.

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