Please Resign and Let The Healing Begin

By Stephen Pinto

I am shocked and in disbelief to hear that Councillor Anthony Dipierro passed around racist memes.

There is absolutely no excuse or apology that makes this behavior acceptable.

It’s clear that he is a racist.

It’s also clear that he should resign immediately.

If he truly cares about Everett and his constituents then he must resign instead of trying to save a seat that already have been taken away from him.

Anthony and only Anthony must deal with the fallout.

He should not punish his family, himself, his friends, his business clients, his employer and the Blacks and browns in this city to save himself.

Don’t punish the entire city by trying to pretend this might just go away.

It’s not going away.

Everett deserves better.

Do us and yourself a favor and disappear.

Maybe someday you can redeem yourself. But that day is not today.

There are anti-racism workshops and courses that the councilor can take.

I recently re-watched the movie Mississippi Burning. It’s a movie that can infuriate you. And also depress you.

To see how people of color were treated in the 1950’s down in the South.

Animals were treated better.

I hope Anthony gets the help he needs.

Humans are not born racists.

It’s something learned.

I believe one can change if they want too.

However those who know Anthony understand he doesn’t have a dime’s worth of remorse.

He has only contempt for those who tell him it might be better if he resigns.

That’s the kind of young man he is.

That’s the kind of young man the mayor employed as his campaign manager.

Anthony please resign and let the healing in Everett begin.

Stephen Pinto write about politics and social issues. He is a longtime Everett resident.

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