Councilor DiPierro: “Resign For The Good Of Everett”

By Paul Sterite

My husband and I have been residents and home owners of Everett for almost 40 years; we are troubled and disgusted by the recent text messages involving the councilor and other city workers.

One of those city workers being the director of communications, sharing a sexist and unprofessional comment to the councilor.

What kind of message is this sending to the children of Everett?

It’s important to remember that the councilor’s racist and hurtful text messages were being shared while he was targeting and attacking a black female councilor and pressuring her to resign while we were all dealing with Covid.

Our Mayor, the councilor’s cousin, blamed the leak on bad blood. Why are they trying to defend and deflect his behavior?

This is a teachable moment for the councilor, the mayor and the city – words and actions have consequences even when you are the mayor’s cousin.

It was the councilor’s actions that have caused his and the city reputation to be damaged.

The councilor grew up in a diverse city. Attended a diverse high school, I am sure he received diversity training, while attending college, along with more diversity training in his professional career and as a city councilor of Everett.

Please don’t ask us to believe more classes; more outreach is really going to change the councilor.

Does anyone doubt that more texts and emails of slurs and insults exist?

Councilor, do the right thing – resign for the good of Everett residents, and for the city you say you love.

This is not going to fade away. Councilor you have hurt our community and damaged the city’s reputation.

This city council has major issues and problems to deal with like affordable housing, homelessness, traffic, parking, funding our schools and the overdevelopment in our neighborhoods.

We need you to do the right thing for yourself and for the city and Resign so the city council can get back to work.

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