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The mayor’s tried and true Blue Suit discusses all things Everett with the Leader Herald’s Josh Resnek.

Anthony DiPierro has really made the honor roll hasn’t he? He’s shown himself to be quite the young man, now that it has been revealed he enjoys sending out anti-Black racist memes and Internet messages with a coterie of similar thinking.


– The Blue Suit speaking with Josh Resnek


Even by Everett standards, this was the week that was. Many people really wanted us to believe Anthony DiPierro was going to resign. That never happened. It was never going to happen. The people who predicted his resignation plainly didn’t know what they were talking about. They definitely don’t know DiPierro.

The city council has shown its colors. Only Mike Marchese has the guts and the common sense to ask for DiPierro’s resignation.

Anthony’s girlfriend Stephanie Martins, has shown her colors, doing everything under the sun to protect Anthony by trying to hurt others. That’s her style. She and Anthony are perfect for each other – at least this is what the Blue Suit told me.

“She doesn’t understand how transparent she is,” the Blue Suit said to me about Stephanie. “When she is waving her hands around and pursing her lips and pulling back her hair and giving nods and winks to Anthony the racist, she doesn’t believe anyone is watching. But everyone is watching. She will never figure out the game here. Anthony will take her down. She thought Anthony would be a good ladder for her to climb. But then, into each life some rain must fall. Some days will be dark and dreary,” the Blue Suit added.

“Where did you get that?” I asked.

“Longfellow, Josh. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. It’s the beginning of Hiawatha,” the Blue Suit said.

“I didn’t know you liked Longfellow.”

“I don’t,” the Blue Suit answered me.

“Longfellow bores me. I’d rather be listening to the lyrics of a Beyonce song or a Jay Z rap piece. To heck with Longfellow.”

We talked about the council meeting for a while.

The Blue Suit made an admission.

“You know what, Josh?” he asked me.

“Anthony was wearing a blue suit. That suit is my cousin!”

“You’re kidding me. You’re related to Anthony’s Blue Suit?” I asked. Frankly, I was amazed.

‘Do you talk with one another?” I asked.

“All the time. I talked with Anthony’s Blue Suit after the meeting Monday night.

“What did you two talk about?”

“We talked about you, Josh and your appearance at the city council and the speech you made. Anthony’s Blue Suit was amazed at how you treated Richard Dell Isola, not to be confused with Dick, his father. He was especially upset with how you treated Anthony. You addressed him by his name.

“Yeah, I love how Anthony got all ruffled when he heard me use his name. He started to complain to Council President John Hanlon when I shouted at him. Believe me, Anthony is the last person in the room to complain about someone breaking the rules.”

“As for Dell Isola, I have to tell you, Richard was utterly ridiculous telling a high school student she isn’t allowed to use a cell phone in the council chamber. Do you realize every person in the meeting room had a cell phone. Dell Isola and Al Lattanzi were using theirs in clear sight. I mean, are these people for real? Where do they get their effrontery? Dell Isola getting all twisted up that a young EHS Black student was using her cell phone to ask Anthony to resign really moved him into action. Of course, Dell Isola would have not a word to say about Anthony’s racism. He wouldn’t ask Anthony to resign if it was found he was a serial killer.”

I asked the Blue Suit to tell me what Anthony’s Blue Suit thought of the meeting. And what does he think about Anthony?

“Anthony’s Blue Suit claims that Anthony is all messed up. He says he can’t be trusted. He told me he’s greedy like his cousin the mayor. He takes pleasure in sending out anti-Black messages and memes. He told me Anthony had quite a few hearty laughs whenever he sent them out. He also told me there are more that are likely to be revealed, that Anthony told him that.

“Did he say anything about Anthony appearing to take notes throughout the interminable council meeting Monday night? What did he say that was all about?”

The Blue Suit thought for a moment.

“Anthony was doodling. What else could he have been doing,” Anthony’s Blue Suit told me.

‘Did Anthony’s Blue Suit say anything about the mayor? I mean, the mayor seems to be missing in action. What’s he up to? Did he say?”

“I don’t need Anthony’s Blue Suit to tell me what the mayor is up to, Josh. I can tell you that myself. After all I am the Mayor’s Blue Suit.”

‘What has the mayor been doing?” you ask. “He’s been hiding out, so to speak, Josh. He’s trying to maneuver the Anthony disaster. My sense about him is this: sooner or later, Anthony has to go, even if Darren Costa gets to take over his seat. Why? Because Anthony has become a liability to his cousin the mayor.”

“I thought family meant something to the mayor?” I asked the Blue Suit.

“Yes, it does, Josh m- but family means nothing to the mayor if he senses he’s going to be brought down by Anthony and he is sensing strongly that time is coming. The mayor is in a corner. He is basically cut from the same cloth as Anthony but Anthony’s problems are mounting. Making things even more difficult, if you want to know, is a Facebook site, Everetts Vote.”

“A lot of people think you are writing that Josh.” The Blue Suit said to me.

“No way. I have nothing to do with the site but I like reading what’s on it. That site is no friend of the mayor or Anthony or Mike Mangan or the collection of clowns and near do wells the mayor pays to say yes to his every whim,” the Blue Suit added.

“where do you think all of this is headed?” I asked the Blue Suit.

“Does anything ultimately change or does everything remain the same when all is said and done with the all the drama?” I asked the Blue Suit.

“I get the sense everything is changing before our eyes right now. The mayor feels the same way but he won’t articulate this. He is kinda waiting for something to happen. He doesn’t know what it is but he knows it is going to happen,” the Blue Suit told me.

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