Former Supt. Gauthier Sues Mayor, Parker, City and School Committee

By Josh Resnek

Janice Gauthier served as acting superintendent of the Everett Public Schools for 15 months but was not considered for the school superintendent’s position during the selection process.

Gauthier gave 47 years of her life to the EPS. She believes she was robbed of a chance to become the superintendent because of her age, she is now 70, and that she has been unlawfully, illegally, improperly and maliciously deprived of her means of livelihood, according to a lawsuit filed in Superior Court March 10.

She also alleges she was humiliated and has endured pain and mental suffering as a result of not being considered to be the superintendent when her credentials were far more exemplary than any other individual applying.

Gauthier claims she was denied her civil rights and is alleging that former School Committee Chair Frank Parker, the members of the school committee, and the mayor not considering her indicated reverse discrimination because she is white and age discrimination because she was nearly 70.

In addition, Gauthier’s lawsuit makes the case that the newly constituted school committee at the time acted with a concerted conspiratorial relationship to deny her any possibility of becoming the next full time superintendent of the EPS.

The suit also establishes a claim that a third person of less caliber with fewer qualifications was appointed to her former position as Curriculum Director and that she was unable to return to that position following the end of her term as acting superintendent.

She claims she was maligned by Parker and by the school committee membership and the mayor.

Gauthier is seeking damages. She has asked for a jury trial.

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