Old Everett Was About Respect; DiPierro Has Got To Go

By Sandy Juliano

Ladies & Gentlemen, my name is Sandy Juliano and I own and am the broker of record at JRS Properties on Broadway in Everett.

I’m here to represent old Everett. The Everett I had the pleasure to grow up in. My family has been here for over 100 years, my, almost 95 year old Dad, still lives here. My daughter lives here. Old Everett wasn’t about racism. It wasn’t about sending out racist meme’s. Old Everett was about respect! Respecting our neighbors for who they were, not for where their ancestors came from. Color didn’t matter then and to be honest it doesn’t matter now.

On a daily basis I meet and deal with people who have many different ethnic backgrounds and I treat each and every one of them with respect. Not only when they are in front of me but also when they walk out the door. Do you know why? Because I have integrity. I would never allow any of the agents I work with to do anything less. That’s not who I am and not the reputation I want to have in this city!

I am here tonight to speak out to the public officials who have kept their heads buried in the sand for the past few weeks.

One of your colleague’s anti-black racist meme’s and internet messaging is so offensive and so blatant and so very, very wrong that I am compelled to stand here and be heard by all of you.

How do you stand up for him?

How do you persuade others to stand up for him?

How do you accept this type of behavior from him?

He’s one of your colleagues and as such is a representation of who you are! Of who this council is! You should all be ashamed of yourselves. You inaction is shameful.

Posting racist meme’s speaks volumes about a person’s character.

This councilor has shown that he lacks those two most important qualities.

He lacks character!

He lacks integrity!

He is unfit to serve the public!

He is unfit to represent the people of Everett!

He should resign, to do anything less under these circumstances, is a crime.

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