The 25 MPH Citywide Speed Limit

There is no way to enforce a 25 MPH speed limit in the city.

The notion that a speed limit of 25 MPH will be adhered to, frankly, is as ridiculous as legislation reducing the speed limit the city council has passed.

The idea of it is pleasant and simple.

The reality of it is hopeless and impossible.

Just the other day while delivering newspapers, I was almost run over several times by cars going so fast on a few streets that it defies the idea of a speed limit being adhered to anywhere in this city.

People fly down the roads throughout the city as though Everett is a speedway or a Nascar road racing center.

Again, a 25 MPH speed limit is something most Everett drivers traversing the crowded streets in this city will pay an iota of attention to.

Maybe I’m missing something.

I don’t think so.

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