Every Now and Then Mexican Food Satisfies More Than Any Other

By Josh Resnek

Mexican food is not a two or three time a week thing for me.

I like Mexican food but I need the urge to go out and to get it.

One of the most satisfying things about Mexican food is that wherever it is cooked, it is fast, it is usually fresh, it is served hot and delicious in the moment.

I always prefer entrepreneurial Mexican fast food outlets to chain food outlets.

Individual owners tend to pay more careful attention to product quality than chains.

Chain food always tends to have that mushy, mixed up feel even though the taste might satisfy for the moment.

My favorite Mexican food restaurant is in Lynn, of all places.

Tacos Lupita rocks.

It is located on a corner on Munroe Street right in the downtown area.

The photograph accompanying this piece shows the basic Tacos Lupita bill of fare.

The photograph is worth 10,000 words.

I am also persuaded by the drink selection, which offers two of my favorite Mexican bottled sodas – Fanta and Coca Cola.

The soft tacos are to die for.

They are served fresh and hot, soft and tasty.

Their avocado is always fresh and sweet.

The saucy green topping can send you to the hospital with a throat on fire if you pour all of it onto your tacos.

Buyer beware!

Shown above are the beef tacos.

Three at once fills you up without bloating you. Doesn’t take much money out of your pocket (about $8.00) and the chopped mix of tomatoes, onions and cucumbers with a touch of cilantro…well…it doesn’t get much better than this.

The bad boy in the upper back of the photo weighs about a pound and a half.

It is a fairly ridiculous cumulation of beans, rice, beef, and on and on.

Mexican in Everett doesn’t do it for me– or at least I haven’t found the right place yet.

The drive to Lynn is about 5 miles – and worth every bit of the ride when you order up, raise the taco to your mouth, take a bite, and then a chew…and then the inevitable washdown with a Fanta or Mexican bottled Coke.

Check it out.

Short money. Big taste. Mexican food quality of unusual stature.

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