Mayor Raising Money on Holy Thursday

Mayor Carlo DeMaria is holding a money raising event at the Encore Boston Harbor Casino and Hotel on Holy Thursday.

The event is scheduled as a money raiser.

He is seeking larger donations for his political campaign fund. We wonder about the efficacy and the propriety of holding a money raiser at a casino on Holy Thursday.

We wonder about the judgment of the mayor, himself a Catholic, choosing one of the three most holy days in the Christian calendar to raise money with a fundraiser at the casino.

If the mayor were Jewish, it would be as if he had chosen Yom Kippur or Passover for a fundraiser.

If the mayor was Muslim, holding a fundraiser during Rama- dan would be frowned upon.

We note the surprising indifference to Holy Thursday exhibited by the mayor and his supporters.

We are not religious hypocrites.

However, in responding to the comments we have received from a surprisingly large number of our readers, let is be said even we are surprised at the mayor for holding this event on Holy Thursday.

We are all left to wonder: could the mayor have found a better day than Holy Thursday for this event?

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