Replacing the Need for Chocolate With Cinnamon Cup Cakes

By Josh Resnek

All of what you are to read about my munchie needs when it comes to a sweet tooth fetish I have are more than you need to know.

However, truth be known, I’ve ditched chocolate and vanilla ice cream, Double Stuff Oreos and Milano Double Mile Chocolate cookies for a return to yesterday.

What is that?

It is the tried and true Hostess product I have recently fallen in love with.

It is not Twinkies.

For a while it was Hostess Lemon topped cupcakes, and lemon wasn’t available, I’d go for the orange cream filled Hostess cupcakes.

Shopping at Market Basket last week and wondering how I could satiate my need for a sweet rush after my meals or during empty moments during the day, I passed a wall of Hostess products.

What an inspiration.

For many years since giving up Twinkies for higher end junk sweet products, I stayed away from Hostess products.

They simply weren’t fancy enough, costly enough or marketed like upscale products to in- spire my interest in them anymore.

The I found Hostess Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cakes, tossed them into my cart and went about my shopping.

When I got home, I opened the box – it cost about $3.00 for 11.6 ounces – 8 smaller cupcakes.

Each one is individually wrapped revealing something that appears to be cinnamon, and light dough on the yellow side.

I unwrapped one, bit into it – well – this was an incredible rush of sweet dough, rich cinnamon taste to die for. Of course, one must love cinnamon or this product isn’t going to get off the ground with you.

I then took a sip of ice cold milk…I knew it right then and there…I was immediately addict- ed to these coffee cakes.

The flavor of the cinnamon and the thick texture of it on the top of the coffee cake is wonderful. There is even a vein of cinnamon running through the coffee cake that becomes visible when you bite into it.

Fast forward two days.

I have eaten all eight of the coffee cakes – one delight after another.

I need more milk. I need more coffee cakes.

I ran out to Market Basket and picked up another box of these incredibly delicious small treats.

To hell with chocolate for a while.

I’m hooked, again on a sweet product.

How odd it should be, after all these years, a Hostess product should give me the sweet rush I need without an aftertaste or an odd chemical feel.

And believe it or not, the coffee cakes aren’t filled with chemicals and colorings and inorganic products.

Try them out. But you must love cinnamon.

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