Councilor Matewsky Is Right About Lights

At a recent meeting of the city council, Councilor Wayne Matewsky chastised the state of lighting along the Revere Beach Parkway in Everett up to and including Santilli Circle.

He commented that something like 40-60 lights are out along this heavily travelled roadway.

We wonder why?

Matewsky wonders why.

When you boil it down, its because this roadway simply does not attract the interest of those who hold the responsibility to replace dead lamps with new lighting whenever necessary.

Those of us who drive all over the area at night make comparisons.

The state takes pretty good care of lighting along Revere Beach.

There is not a single map out along that long stretch of road.

Even along the parkway that spans through Chelsea the lighting is what it ought to be.

Further down the road, heading into Medford, lighting has a remarkable consistency with almost no lights out along a wide stretch of road.

Efforts should be made immediately to assure Everett residents that all the lights that are out must be replaced immediately – and more than this – no lights should be out ever along this vital roadway.

Lighting is about public safety.

Public safety is about caring and doing the job every day, all day, all of the time.

There is no valid, explainable reason for the Revere Beach Parkway to be missing so many working lights in the city of Everett.

Replace the burned out bulbs. Patrol the area.

What is good for Revere and Chelsea and Medford should be good for Everett.

Let there be working lights!

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