The April Weather

These are the days that try men’s souls – women’s souls – kid’s souls – all of our souls.

It is called the New England Spring.

What a dreary time this spring has been so far.

One day we feel warmth, the next we need winter jackets. Half way through April we begin to kid ourselves – Spring is here.

Spring is not here.

Sometimes it feels like it might never arrive.

About a week ago, there was a day of warmth and sunshine. We all rejoiced.

Ah, we thought, Spring has arrived.

Some of us were walking around in short sleeves.

Others traded nods with one another sharing the happiness feeling the warmth of Spring.

The next day, we needed winter jackets.

The next day, we needed to run on the heat, again. During the past week, it has been freezing in my home. I’ve had the heat on.

It drives me crazy paying for heat at this point in April. When does this end…soon, we all hope.

But there remains a danger.

What is that?


Can you imagine snow falling this time of year?

I can.

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