To Wear Masks or Not to Wear Masks, That is The Question

(Photo By Jim Mahoney)

Science and Common Sense Don’t Mix At Times

By Josh Resnek

The nation is in a conundrum about what to do about COVID-19.

It is not gone.

It has not been eradicated. In some places the virus is flourishing.

At the same time, in some states like Texas and especially Florida, masks are akin to rat poison or bad government while it has been proven masks limit the spread of diseases that are transmitted by germs coming out of noses and mouths.

In the hurry to rid themselves of the inconvenience of masks, many so-called Red States have done away with mask mandates.

Mind you, COVID-19 has not been stamped out.

It is masks and mandates intended to limit and to destroy the impact of the fast spreading virus that are going by the way side.

What to do?

It comes down to this: whatever you believe is best.

In the face of medical science to do away entirely with masks and mandates as the virus continues to spread is to take chances many of us who understand science are unwilling to take.

The mask mandate has just been removed from airline flights and airports – if I have this correct.

Think about it.

Do you want to enjoy not wearing a mask with 150 -200 people stacked like sardines into a can breathing all over one another on a two or three or four hour flight?

Or do some of us think wearing a mask on such a flight might be good protection from breathing in germs generated by everyone seated around us?

Bottom line, many of us will be wearing masks on airplane flights for a while to come.

Many of us will avoid huge gatherings and crowded restaurants and sporting events, concerts and even

graduations for a long time to come.


Because such behavior makes sense in the face of a virus still making the rounds, still spreading, still killing and leaving many with unwanted unhealthy symptoms.

It is wonderful and so easy to follow the politics of science with Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis and all the republicans who believe the virus is a joke.

Except for the 1 million American dead and millions left feeling sick by the virus experience, I’d tend to be on the side of the politics instead of the science.

To wear a mask or not to wear a mask?

I’ll not always be wearing a mask.

When I feel it is necessary I will don a mask and feel a bit more comfortable about being around large numbers of people in confined space.

To do any less is to be foolish.

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