“I Have Forgiven You. I Am Praying For You. I Do Think You Should Resign”

By Josh Resnek

Former councilor Gerly Adrien’s appearance at city hall Monday night was a sobering moment of high drama at the raucous council meeting.

“I come here tonight not to hate you…but you have not learned…the apology you gave (for your racism against Blacks and Browns and me) is not real,” Adrien said.

She detailed how she had been one of DiPierro’s staunch supporters when he first announced he was running for office many years ago.

She revealed as well how DiPierro was the leader of a pack of councilors who taunted and harangued Adrien – the first Black councilor in the city’s history.

“I was one of your supporters…and look how you treated me when I was a councilor. How you treated me, how you called for my resignation is one of the worst traumatic experiences of my life. I believed in you. Sadly, I’ve gotten to know what you are doing. To act the same way you’re acting reveals a continuous cycle,” Adrien said in hushed tones before a the large crowd that packed the chamber.

“I didn’t come here to attack you. I can’t stand you but I don’t hate you. You were the first person to ask me to resign. I forgive you. I pray for you and your family. Take the time to reflect,” she said.

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