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Congresswoman Pressley’s Visit An Inspiration For EHS Students

One of the nation’s leading powerful, progressive political voices, our Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, toured Everett High School and met with students and school officials for more than three hours last week.

Such a visit highlights the importance of a laboratory like EHS, which is largely Black, Brown and Hispanic, with a school population struggling to achieve the American Dream.

That Pressley came to acknowledge the great charitable work of EHS students marked her visit as special and meaningful not just for the students, but for her.

This visit was more about bonding with Everett’s students than it was about politics.

Pressley suffers from alopecia, a physical condition that has robbed her of her hair.

Pressley has met the challenge of alopecia with honesty, charm and dignity.

A group of EHS students led by cancer survivor, Sarai Velez, honored the congresswoman for her valor in the face of difficulties.

Congresswoman Pressley’s visit coincided with the EHS’ special Charity for Children and Hair Loss Event.

We applaud this visit by the congresswoman.

We praise Velez for her personal stamina and positive attitude and we especially praise her for doing for others.

In the words of School Superintendent Priya Tahiliani, “It was a great day at EHS.”

A great day indeed.

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