COVID-19 Figures Rising Across The State, The Nation and The World

CHA Everett sits high on the hill as the afternoon sun hits the sides on the buildings. (Photo By Jim Mahoney)

China’s Major Cities In Costly Lockdown

By Josh Resnek

To wear a mask. Not to wear a mask.

To keep a safe distance in crowds. To not care about keeping distance in big crowds.

To test oneself and then to quarantine if you test positive. Or not to test oneself.

Who cares if they test positive?

Such are some of the gradations of thought and action when it comes to COVID-19 during this time of weakening resistance to paying much attention to it.

Massachusetts infection figures have risen a bit but hospitalizations are down and deaths have dramatically declined, according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

The vast majority of those now coming down with the virus in Massachusetts do not require hospitalization.

The virus can and does kill people with serious pre-existing conditions.

Those who have been vaccinated who become hospitalized tend to survive with much greater frequency than six months ago when many thousands across the nation and throughout the world were dying of the virus after coming down sick with it.

China remains the big question mark about COVID-19.

China has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to the virus.

Shanghai remains closed down as the virus soars among the population there.

Tens of thousands of new cases are being reported every day.

Chinese vigilance has not swayed.

The Chinese, of all people on this earth, are more aware of the dangers of a rapidly spreading disease that is airborne because China holds a vast population of people living in close circumstances.

In such close quarters with so many millions of people, a rapidly spreading virus taken for granted is like a fire that is allowed to spread out of control.

Here in Everett and throughout Massachusetts, masks remain in widespread use throughout the society.

Massachusetts residents traveling by air will remain masked, as many common sense types understand that masks reduce the possibility of catching or giving to someone else the virus.

They are not foolproof, but then, what is?

The pandemic’s net effect is being felt throughout the world.

We have come through a long period of disruption such as the world has not experienced since the Second World War.

The economic and social disruption continues. Society is unsure of itself right now.

It is an anything can happen situation.

For now, the US is coming out of the restrictive part of the pandemic.

Leadership believes we must learn to live with the virus if we can’t entirely beat it.

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