Special Favors for The Mayor’s Friends

There is apparently a rule that is meant to be followed for those who fail to pay their taxes and who require permits from the city or who do business with the city.

Any taxes owed during a given year disallows such people from having their permits renewed or from new contracts being given out to vendors or city vendors being paid.

A similar set of requirements governs the renewal of state driver’s licenses and car registrations.

If a driver or the owner of an automobile or truck fails to pay their parking tickets or their excise taxes, or they have incurred citations that they have failed to pay, they cannot put their auto- mobiles on the road legally.

There are presently a handful of licensees and city vendors who have owed the city tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid water bills and taxes who have at the same time received millions and millions of dollars of payments from the city for completed work.

Residents no longer wonder how the Everett system works.

Residents understand that friends of the mayor receive different and preferred treatment than those of us acting like village idiots and paying attention to the rules.

This type of governmental failure must be stopped immediately.

To do otherwise is to perpetuate a lie.

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