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“How do you think Anthony’s resignation went down?” I asked the Blue Suit.

“I know exactly how it went down,” the Blue Suit answered. “Tell me then, how did it go down?” I repeated.

“It went like this, Josh – exactly like this. After Maura Healey announced to all of New England listening to the Jim Braude and Janet Egan Show that ‘he should resign, that him serving as an elected public official was unacceptable’ it was as if the world was turned upside down for Anthony…and by association…for Carlo.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Until the Attorney General opened her big mouth, Carlo and Anthony felt they had the racism problem licked, if you know what I mean. They felt that all the fuss being made would die down, that the problem would go away like an unwanted cold in the middle of summer. In fact, they were hoping to get to the June recess of the city council when the public speaking portion with all those new voices would be quieted down and everything would return to normal,” the Blue Suit added.

“So how did the Attorney General’s ‘big mouth’ as you put it, contribute to the problem?”

“Are you kidding me, Josh? Maura Healey’s demand that Anthony should resign hit Carlo and Anthony with the force of a powerful right hand uppercut to the chin. They were dazed. Mind you, not knocked out, but dazed at first. When they regained their steadiness, they still believed Anthony did not have to resign. But, and this is a big but, when Carlo realized the extent to which Healey’s comments were making the rounds, and he juxtaposed that against his desire to survive the many battles he is facing, he made a decision.”

“And what was that?”

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From the Publisher

In this difficult day, during this difficult time for the city of Everett, it’s perhaps well to ask what kind of a city this is, and what direction do we wish to move in?

For those of you who are Black people and Brown people, Hispanic and Brazilian — considering the evidence of how you are all treated by the leadership at Everett City Hall, it appears a fact that there are white people who are responsible for perpetuating your second class citizenship in this city.

However, the vast majority of Everett’s white people are seeking justice from city hall the way you are – and in this respect – you are all one, exposed to the racism, the homophobia, the sexual harassment and retaliation of a city hall out of control.

You can be filled with anger, and some of you with hatred, and a desire for revenge, because of how you have been treated by city hall and Everett’s elected public officials.

We can move in that direction as a city filled with hatred toward one another, or we can make an effort, as Martin Luther King did, to understand, and to comprehend, and to overcome that hatred and racism.

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Anthony DiPierro

It took Anthony DiPierro six weeks to realize he must resign.

His resignation Monday was an anti-climax.

We all knew this day was coming.

We didn’t know when.

It was expected he could not possibly stand up to Attorney General Maura Healey who said he was unfit to serve and he should resign, that his position as an elected public official, given what he had done and how he acted toward people of color, was unacceptable.

For weeks, DiPierro refused to accept the harsh reality of his decision not to resign.

He claimed the mayor wanted him to remain until Sergio Cornelio had been run out of office, using DiPierro’s vote to seal the deal with the do nothing city council.

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We Are The Voice

The Everett Leader Herald is the only voice willing to risk our income, our reputations and our business interest in this city by reporting the news.

We do not hide the news in the Leader Herald.

We are the voice. We hold public officials to their oaths. We report their misdeeds. We editorially condemn municipal corruption, exclusion, racism and retaliation.

We report from week to week the crude and unacceptable behavior of most of our elected public officials when it comes to treating Black people, Brown people, Hispanics and Brazilians.

We report elected public officials laughing over racist jokes.

We print racist memes intended to degrade Black people sent out by elected public offials.

We express shock and surprise when the city government does not call for action to weed out the haters in city government.

Our effort to report what the mayor does compromises our relationship with him.

He promised to put us out of business four years ago. He said we weren’t writing the right kind of stories.

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Graduation Barbecue With Different Tastes and Textures Than Most

By Josh Resnek

(Photo by Josh Resnek)

My daughter Kate graduated from BU’s School of Communications over the weekend.

We threw a barbecue party for her in our back yard.

My wife was in charge of the menu, as always, and as always, she worked like a slave to make this party work.

It came off nicely.

The bill of fare was this: baked salmon – a long slab of it. A bit pricey but delicious if you like baked salmon.

I can’t stand baked salmon.

Roast beef.

My wife bought a five pound roast beef at Whole Foods. She cooked it up long before anyone arrived – and everything except for barbecue was cooked and ready before the first arrivals came through the gates into the backyard.

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