Communism and Racism Ruining City

By Stephen Pinto

Communism and racism are thriving in Everett city hall.

They grow like cancerous tumors.

They are given life by our scared and silent city council.

Residents and taxpayers voices should not and will not be silenced by anyone.

The city government has devolved into a blind, deaf and dumb group of fence sitters who are dishonest and scared politicians.

Silencing residents and taxpayers is a quick way to losing an election.

It is the road to ending democracy – but I don’t want to sound too concerned and frankly, I wonder, does anyone really care in this city?

My advice to the entire council is don’t bother to run in the next election.

I didn’t think communism existed in America. But I was wrong. In fact Everett council is raising the flag. They appear to be raising the confederate flag as well.

I guess the entire council are racists and communists with the exception of councilors Smith and Marchese.

I guess the entire council are dishonest with the exception of Smith and Marchese.

They are the only two calling for a resolution on the longevity money stolen by the mayor. And the only two that are willing to listen to residents regarding DiPierro’s appallingly inappropriate racist actions. Interesting to watch Councillor DiPierro write down something as soon as a speaker begins to talk against him at the council. He’s most likely writing down their name in an effort to retaliate. He learned well from his cousin the mayor. This is also where and from whom he probably learned how to be a hack, a racist, and a lying thief.

Obviously DiPierro won’t resign because he feels he did nothing wrong. And so he can’t understand why a simple I’m sorry doesn’t end the issue.

He has no concept of what he did and what it means to Black and Brown people.

That is the mark of a true cold, bigot and racist. That actually makes him a dangerous and scary person. Clearly not a person we need or want representing Everett.

Residents and taxpayers, the council is hoping you’ll get sick and tired of being silenced and ignored. Council is hoping you’ll disappear.

Continue to show your strength in numbers. Interrupt and disrupt.

Be heard.

Cry to sky when you are not allowed. Show the council that communism and racism will not be tolerated.

Don’t give up.

Fight the fight.

Shout down those who want to suspend your right to speak.

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