Jimmy Le and DiPierro Should Resign

Sexual assault and overt racism against Blacks and Browns should not and cannot be tolerated by this city and its public leaders.

Councilor Jimmy Le’s alleged bottom slaps of a colleague at a St. Patrick’s party recently was uncouth, illegal, harmful and destructive behavior.

We do not believe there is an adequate defense at all for such behavior by a grown man and a member of the city government against a colleague who he sits with.

Such behavior is repugnant and cannot be dismissed or let to slide as though Le made a mistake.

He should resign immediately.

As it is, the court has forbade Le from being in proximity to the colleague he allegedly harassed.

This makes it impossible for Le to attend council meetings in person.

Let the court decide Le’s innocence or guilt – actually, let the evidence be the judge.

Maybe the Bishop Brown will step in and forgive Le as he forgave DiPierro.

Bishop Brown would likely suggest compassion for Le, as he did for DiPierro with a 33 minute speech before the city council. Brown apologized for DiPierro’s racism. He said DiPierro would benefit from further education and therapy.

Bishop Brown might well suggest Le would no longer place his hands where they should not be with therapy and education…but he won’t.

If Le is asked to resign, then it is incumbent by association that DiPierro be asked to resign.

DiPierro’s sins are every bit as bad as Le’s, and in many ways, his racist behavior and tendencies speak horribly about a young man whose future is now forever tarnished by his racist behavior.

The council needs to rid itself of Le and DiPierro.

Both are abject failures who find it impossible to understand right from wrong.

Le and DiPierro must resign.

The mayor must publicly ask Le and DiPierro to resign.

He can’t and he won’t because if he does, then mayor would need to resign to wipe clean the slate in Everett city government.

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