Three pull papers for rep race: Can McGonagle pull it out again?

By Josh Resnek

Will disgraced Councilor Anthony DiPierro, beset by a litany of anti-Black and Brown racist comments and calls for him to resign, be leading Representative Joe McGonagle’s campaign in the upcoming election contest?

That is the question.

“No he will not,” McGonagle told the Leader emphatically during a telephone interview Monday afternoon.

“He will have nothing to do with my re-election effort,” he added.

To date, McGonagle, Councilor Mike Marchese and Guerline Alcy, an at large candidate for city council who lost by five votes last time out, have taken out papers.

They have all been gathering signatures for the battle to follow.

Most political observers agree – McGonagle is hard to beat but not impossible to beat.

Alcy revealed a great deal of strength running for at large council.

She is expected to roll that over into her repertoire to give McGonagle a real challenge.

As a Black woman, as a longtime resident, and as one of the Haitian community’s most popular advocates, Alcy will do very well.

But she needs help.

Former city councilor Fred Capone did not comment for this piece, however it is believed he will extend a helping hand to Alcy.

“If Guerline strikes just the right balance, and campaigns hard, and has the Capone crew working for her, she has a chance to top McGonagle,” said a political source who wished to remain unnamed.

“If she makes a serious run with Capone behind her, it will be a close race,” added the source.

The source said Councilor Mike Marchese does not have a chance of winning. However, Marchese recently topped the ticket of at-large councilors in the last election.

Marchese’s name on the ballot as an independent is perceived by political know it alls as a distinct disadvantage.

Independents can’t win in Everett.

Observers claimed if DiPierro runs McGonagle’s campaign it is as bad if not worse than if he doesn’t.

If he stays, Alcy will make DiPierro’s presence with McGonagle problematic.

DiPierro’s reported racist incidents and the constant and continuing calls for his resignation will not aid McGonagle in a potentially tight re-election bid.

However, it would appear the question is now moot.

McGonagle has shown spine. He wants no part of DiPierro.

The mayor and DiPierro were key to his victories recently.

However the mayor’s razor thin margin of victory in November, and his entanglement in lawsuits and accusations of municipal fraud, racism and sexism make any aid he would extend to McGonagle subject to caveat.

“If he keeps DiPierro that takes away the reps maneuverability. It will leave McGonagle in a precarious situation. McGonagle will have to address DiPierro’s notoriety as a racist councilor in many quarters throughout the city if he keeps him,” said a source.

Again, McGonagle has made it clear – “DiPierro will not have anything to do with my campaign for re-election.”

McGonagle has defeated all comers during his last three outings for re-election.

He ran against and soundly defeated former councilor and now school committeeman Mike McLaughlin in 2020.

McGonagle scored 3,464 to McLaughlin’s 2,229.

In 2018 he ran against Gerly Adrien and Stephen Smith, the former representative.

Again, McGonagle won handily.

McGonagle had a vote of 1,974 to Adrien’s 1,802 and Smith’s 893.

In 2016, McGonagle beat Adrien handily, 1,773 to 1,150.

He was first elected to the rep seat in 2014 defeating former Rep. and present city councilor Wayne Matewsky by several hundred votes.

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