“Mayor Inept and Hiding,” Says Capone “Won’t Address Racism”

By Josh Resnek

Another round of highly insulting and racially charged behavior by Councilor Anthony DiPierro and the mayor’s chief of communications Deanna Deveney and several other Everett City Hall employees and former public officials has been roundly condemned by former councilor and Attorney Fred Capone.

In addition, Everett High School student representatives have disinvited the mayor and DiPierro from attending the 2022 graduation ceremonies citing their racist tendencies and to do nothing about them.

“I commend the Everett High School Class of 2022 for having the courage to say what the city council and the mayor are unwilling to: ‘Racism in any form is wrong and won’t be tolerated.’

Capone told the Leader Herald he was disheartened and outraged by the shocking, racist audio and video Zoom session participated in by DiPierro, Deveney and Assistant City Solicitor Keith Slattery and others in which anti-Black, racist language was revealed and watched by thousands on a number of websites and Facebook pages.

“The recent disclosure of the disturbing city video demonstrate that racism is rampant throughout the DeMaria Administration and has been for a very long time,” Capone said.

“The fact the mayor chooses to hide behind a technicality rather than address the pervasive racism of his department heads, especially where several participants are repeat of- fenders, is another example of his inept leadership and complete lack of character.”

Deveney referred to Black people as “darkies” in the Zoom session.

The group laughed hysterically with her at the racial- ly charged joking and banter which was aimed at former Councilor Gerly Adrien.

References were also made to the “pigmentation” of Adrien’s skin.

It is believed Deveney and the mayor attempted to have the video and audio taken down by having lawyers send e-mail cease and desist messages to those Facebook sites carrying the video and audio.

The claim: the audio and video shouldn’t be allowed because DiPierro and Deveney’s rights may have been compromised.

The Boston Globe devoted its front page lead story Saturday to the racist video and the accompanying audio. Repeated calls for Deveney and DiPierro’s resignation have gone unheeded.

The city council refuses to act.

The school committee refuses to act. At the same time, the mayor refuses to confront the racism scandal.

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