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Mayor Is In A Corner. If He Acts Against Racism It Is Like Acting Against Himself

By Josh Resnek

The mayor is said to have placed Deanna Deveney, his communications chief, on a paid leave of absence.

Sources claim she has been told not to enter Everett City Hall.

When he acted, it was in response to pressure.

The mayor doesn’t like pressure. None of us likes pressure.

When enough pressure is felt, all of us need to make a move, and so the mayor made a move.

He placed Deveney on a leave of absence. He didn’t fire Deveney but he likely to do that. The mayor doesn’t communicate with the

Leader Herald so we don’t know this for certain. He has to fire Deveney but he doesn’t want to fire her.

If he fires Deveney it feeds the notion that the mayor is able to fire a woman but is unable to ask for the resignation of his cousin and campaign manager, Councilor Anthony DiPierro.

DiPierro as a man receives different treatment from the mayor.

The problem with firing anyone or for asking for a resignation is that the mayor then puts himself in the frying pan, so to speak.

Firing a high up administration employee is risky business.

Mayor DeMaria

If the mayor fires Deveney, then he has to ask for the resignation of DiPierro.

If he does that, the DeMaria house of cards begins to crumble.

The more action he takes, the more the example is made of his administration as racist and exclusionary.

The less action he takes, the more the people of Everett are going to rise up.

There is, after all, an uprising underway. What to do?

The mayor is in a fix.

Nothing he can do suits the moment. Whatever he does won’t work to defuse a problem that has been building for 13 years.

He cannot win making a move. He cannot win failing to make a move.

In such a situation, making the move is as costly as not making the move. The moment is nearly here when those around the mayor who do his bidding are going to flee the sinking ship – for to stay on board is to likely drown them when push comes to shove.

Has push come to shove?

“Yes it has,” Councilor Mike Marchese told the Leader Herald.

“Carlo is damned if he does. He’s damned if he doesn’t,” Marchese said.

With Deveney’s demise not yet confirmed, we are left to speculate about what comes next if has to let her go.

DiPierro is on deck if Deveney has been asked to leave or resigned.

If DiPierro is on deck, where does this put the mayor in the weeks to come?

“In jeopardy,” Marchese added.

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