“Stay Away From Our Graduation. We Don’t Want You There”

Special to the Leader Herald

The Everett High School class of 2022 wanted to make a statement about the racially insensitive comments circulated by Councilor Anthony DiPierro.

Recently a video has appeared showing DiPierro and members of city government making fun of African Americans.

Initially the students were warned against speaking out about the racially insensitive attacks.

Parents and many others feared that they would be retaliated against for doing so.

The students are more determined than ever at this time.

Here is their statement.

“We the Everett High School Class of 2022, are requesting that Everett City Councilor Anthony DiPierro and Mayor Carlo DeMaria, not attend our upcoming graduation ceremonies in any official capacity. Throughout our trying high school years, we were forced to deal with many challenges as other classes before us have. Graduating classes throughout the country can point to the challenges of the once in a life pandemic that was thrown at us, and we have all met that challenge.

The revelation of the racist comments we have seen in the city has been another obstacle thrown in our way. An obstacle that we will no doubt overcome. As the Councilor responsible for those racial comments has not seen fit to address us directly and the Mayor of Everett has only made comments sparingly, we feel it is our duty to speak loudly.

Mayor DeMaria and Councilor DiPierro, as you do not feel that we are worth standing up for, we do not feel that you are worthy enough to stand beside us. Please respect our request.

This un-invitation extends to every member of city government who refuses to publicly condemn Councilor DiPierro’s racist comments and call for his resignation. We are watching!!!”

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