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Videos Reveal Further Depravity, Black Hatred

By Josh Resnek

Sensational Zoom video images and dialogue showing Councilor Anthony DiPierro, Communications Chief Deanna Deveney, Assistant City Solicitor Keith Slattery and featuring several others whose voices and image can be seen and heard became front page news in the Boston Globe over the weekend.

Racism has come forward front and center in Everett.

With racist talk, with Deveney referring to Blacks as “darkies” and with the others on the Zoom laughing hysterically at her racist sense of humor, Everett revealed the ugly underside of city hall politics.

The Globe reported that the mayor has known that DiPierro, along with Deveney and the other city officials, had been caught on video making racially insensitive remarks.

His response – very likely – they made mistakes. Everyone deserves another chance.

That’s how he put it about DiPierro, who has refused to resign his position despite numerous calls for him to leave the city council.

A leaked recording of a private Zoom meeting among city officials shows DiPierro joking about recruiting Black people to public events to insulate themselves against charges of racism.

Deveney has apparently been placed on a paid leave of absence and is not allowed to enter city hall, according to sources familiar with her employment situation.

Deveney is shown on the video with DiPierro and Slattery asking him (DiPierro) to recruit “one of your dark friends” for a political event.

“I don’t have a lot of those friends, I’m just saying” DiPierro responded.

“No problem. We’ll find one,” Deveney said.

A voice in the background believed to be a former councilor, tells Deveney she should “hire a Haitian boyfriend to come with you.”

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