Anthony DiPierro

It took Anthony DiPierro six weeks to realize he must resign.

His resignation Monday was an anti-climax.

We all knew this day was coming.

We didn’t know when.

It was expected he could not possibly stand up to Attorney General Maura Healey who said he was unfit to serve and he should resign, that his position as an elected public official, given what he had done and how he acted toward people of color, was unacceptable.

For weeks, DiPierro refused to accept the harsh reality of his decision not to resign.

He claimed the mayor wanted him to remain until Sergio Cornelio had been run out of office, using DiPierro’s vote to seal the deal with the do nothing city council.

In the end, the mayor must have certainly asked or demanded that DiPierro resign – something the mayor is certain to take credit for now that DiPierro has done the unthinkable – which is to resign.

DiPierro’s arrogance, the hate he concealed for others, the jealousy and contempt he held for much of the city’s population was an embarrassment on the one hand and a wake up call on the other.

He took his cues from his cousin the mayor.

The mayor has his own rendezvous with destiny vis a vis his racism.

Now that DiPierro has vanished into the Everett pastoral, the mayor is on deck.

The crude indifference to humanity that DiPierro brought to city government has disappeared – just like that – like the snap of a finger.

We will not miss him.

We will not miss his banality, his insipidness, his fake countenance, his competing personalities and his contempt for nearly everyone but himself.

DiPierro turns out to have been a 14-carat fraud, a human being indifferent to the vast majority of people in this rapidly changing city.

Good luck, Anthony DiPierro.

May you never again have a position of responsibility at Everett City Hall.

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