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DiPierro and Deveney Are Gone! Resignations Follow Uproar

By Josh Resnek

The resignations Monday morning of Councilor Anthony DiPierro and the mayor’s communications chief Deanna Deveney ends a 7 week city hall bombardment that has shaken the administration of Mayor Carlo DeMaria.

Anthony DiPierro

DiPierro’s racist antics and ant—Black hatred be- hind closed doors, which he shared with Deveney and others, revealed
by the Leader Herald and the Boston Globe, led to Monday’s extraordinary news that they had both finally resigned following weeks of efforts to get them to do so.

While questions remain whether or not they resigned or were fired by the mayor has not been firmly established.

The situation for the mayor seemed to worsen as the day went by when about 300-400 Everett High School kids chanting and carrying signs marched to the front of city hall for a protest after leaving the high school early to do so.

The mayor apparently released a statement indicating DiPierro and Deveney resigned and that more work needed to be done to right his ship of state.

City hall is said to be reeling over the resignations or the firings, however one wishes to look at DiPierro and Deveney’s exit. “The mayor needed to act. He was done if he didn’t act. He may be done after acting,” said councilor Mike Marchese.

The mayor’s racist tendencies have been called into question because he allowed the situation with his communications chief, who is a lawyer, and with DiPierro, who is his cousin and campaign manager, to go on for so long without punishing either of them for their racist attacks on Everett’s Blacks and Browns.

DiPierro and Deveney and other members of the administration past and present participated in exchanges of Internet messaging attacking Blacks with memes, with their language using the N-word and by referring to Black people as “darkies.”

The mayor took no credit for the resignations, made no public speeches and indicated no desire to communicate with the Everett public in the midst of this political disaster.

He was nowhere to be seen Monday outside of city hall.

DiPierro had apparently been hanging on to vote against the renewal of City Clerk Sergio Cornelio’s contract.

He had apparently been urged by the mayor not to resign for that reason alone.

However following revelations on videos that both Deveny and DiPierro and Assistant city solicitor Keith Slattery and a former councilor had all traded hearty laughter about Deveney’s comment about “darkies”, the outraged response to that indicated the end was near.

That, and a front page Globe story by Stephanie Ebbert the following day dug their grave.

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