Graduation Barbecue With Different Tastes and Textures Than Most

By Josh Resnek

(Photo by Josh Resnek)

My daughter Kate graduated from BU’s School of Communications over the weekend.

We threw a barbecue party for her in our back yard.

My wife was in charge of the menu, as always, and as always, she worked like a slave to make this party work.

It came off nicely.

The bill of fare was this: baked salmon – a long slab of it. A bit pricey but delicious if you like baked salmon.

I can’t stand baked salmon.

Roast beef.

My wife bought a five pound roast beef at Whole Foods. She cooked it up long before anyone arrived – and everything except for barbecue was cooked and ready before the first arrivals came through the gates into the backyard.

When the roast beef came out of the oven, my wife cut a slice for us to taste.

“It’s too well done,” I said.

I like my beef rare. I don’t eat much beef anymore. What beef I do put into my mouth must be rare.

My wife ran down to Whole Foods and bought another five pounder.

This time she cooked it rare.

We sliced it – actually – we shaved it.

Everyone was happy.

Not everyone likes rare beef as you all know.

My wife made potato salad, two big pots of it.

Onto the boiled pieces of potato went some chopped scallion, organic Hellman’s Mayo, a sprinkling of salt and pepper and a nice pouring of real bacon bits she cooked and chopped up.

What a treat!

Our best friend Catherine made to big bowls of her famous salad – rich with everything- and an abundance of difference lettuce and a dressing she makes – a light light dressing absolutely delicious that does not overpower the veggies.

And there was shrimp – cooked shrimp – pop up shrimp – a real party treat. Potato chips and mozzarella and tomato bits – so so good.

A main dish, the kind of everyone’s main dish, were chicken skewers with tomato, green pepper and onion. About 20 of them.

I made them myself.

The chicken was marinated – you know – bought in marination packs at Whole Foods.

There were no hot dogs or hamburgers, no sausage, no soft drinks, no fizzy water, beer and wine and a bowl of sangria or something like that.

We had about 35 people. The star of the barbecue – my Weber grill.

There is nothing that cooks so well at a barbecue as a Weber grill – and that’s no understatement.

Everything was served inside and then taken outside for the eating moment.

A nice graduation dinner for all!

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