We Are The Voice

The Everett Leader Herald is the only voice willing to risk our income, our reputations and our business interest in this city by reporting the news.

We do not hide the news in the Leader Herald.

We are the voice. We hold public officials to their oaths. We report their misdeeds. We editorially condemn municipal corruption, exclusion, racism and retaliation.

We report from week to week the crude and unacceptable behavior of most of our elected public officials when it comes to treating Black people, Brown people, Hispanics and Brazilians.

We report elected public officials laughing over racist jokes.

We print racist memes intended to degrade Black people sent out by elected public offials.

We express shock and surprise when the city government does not call for action to weed out the haters in city government.

Our effort to report what the mayor does compromises our relationship with him.

He promised to put us out of business four years ago. He said we weren’t writing the right kind of stories.

He cannot pay us to keep stories out of the newspaper.

That is for others who are paid by him to do – and they do it well.

This is why the Leader Herald is the messenger.

We report the news. We take city government to task. We urge our readers and the residents of this great city to aspire to some- thing higher than what is now offered by the administration at city hall.

Our newspaper, our website and Facebook sites are open to all.

Sign your name. Have your say. We’re all for that.

We are not public officials. We are reporters and writers. We are careful to be fair and accurate.

We don’t make up stories as those opposed to us reporting the news like to make the claim.

Again, we are not public officials.

We are not using the N-word, racial memes or racist talk aimed at Black people and Brown people.

We don’t think that way. We don’t talk that way. We don’t report that way.

We treat everyone to their face the way we want to be treated.

We have stood alone for a long time.

We are proud of the uprising now taking place.

We are not standing alone any more.

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