Celebration of Life, Scholarship Set to Honor Late Michael Joseph Matarazzo


When lifetime Everett resident Michael Matarazzo passed away suddenly in April of this year, it opened a huge void in the lives of those who had the chance to know him.

Included in the many in Everett grieving the loss of Matarazzo was childhood friend and former teammate, Ross Pietrantonio, who felt it necessary — and fitting — his longtime pal continue to be celebrated in life after his death.

“He was a legend,” said Pietrantonio, who first played football with Matarazzo on the Everett Pop Warner D-Team at 8-years-old. They traveled together to Florida for the national tournament. “[He was] quiet, hardworking and didn’t say a lot — but he did a lot,” said Pietrantonio of the late Matarazzo, who was part of multiple championship sea- sons for the Everett High School football dynasties of the 2000’s.

At a Celebration of Life at Village Bar & Grill scheduled for Thursday, July 7, Pietrantonio plans to commemorate the essence which made Matarazzo so special to the community, with hopes of recapturing it for the future.

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GILMANTON IRON WORKS — Kathleen Bertocchi (Hussey), 77, formally of Everett, MA, passed away on Friday, June 3, 2022.

Kathleen was born on January 22, 1945, in Everett, MA, to Albert and Thelma (Stermont) Hussey. She was raised in Everett where she met her husband David, of 57 years. Together they raised four boys in Everett before moving to Gilman- ton Iron Works in 1992.



“We’re back and want to make new friends,” said John Mattuchio, owner of the Scrubbing Board on Hancock Street. (Photo by Joseph Resnek)

The Scrubbing Board

By Josh Resnek

The Scrubbing Board, the city’s oldest laundromat is also Everett’s most advanced, and in more ways than you can imagine.

The Hancock Street landmark owned by the Mattuchio Family for four generations has undergone a major evolutionary jump into the second decade of the 21st Century.

The brains behind the family owned business is John Mattuchio, the 78 year old owner of the property and the landmark, which has served thousands of Everett residents as a laundromat since 1958.

The all new laundromat, redone entirely inside and out during the past year, is a fully automated, state of the art facility with enough stainless steel to create a perpetual shine inside the spotless interior.

The Dexter machinery is self-sterilizing, virtually germ free, as clean as a modern laundromat can be, before you do your laundry at the Scrubbing Board.

There is no charge for pre-sterilization.

“And we are the only laundromat in the city to take EBT cards, every debit card, credit card and we even have our own charge cards,” said Mattuchio.

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Who? What? When? Where? How?

It is our understanding from a variety of sources at Everett City Hall that the city, the administration, that is, has begun a process to show that it is working against racism, discrimination and retaliation.

We are told that Cathy Draines, the city’s chief equity officer, and a Black woman, has started to swing into action after apparently being held back for months during the key moments when far reaching allegations of racism swept city hall and its leadership.

The announcement of a Federal investigation into racism in Everett city government by the US Attorney Rachel Rollins, has caused the wheels of progress to start turning in this city.

However, we have been told that the city, or Draines, or the mayor has reached out to hire a law firm or a consultant specializing in race equity.

It is presumed (as the mayor and the administration do not communicate with the Leader Herald) that the city’s Human Resources department is where the effort has begun.

We have information indicating that HR has now created a 6-7 page document with all the bells and whistles regarding racism, discrimination and retaliation causing all department heads, and perhaps even all city employees, to read and to sign as part of the education process intended to reduce the serious oversights that have flawed city government hiring and employment practices here for decades.

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The Jimmy Le Case

Councilor Jimmy Le has been out of action as a city councilor since he was accused of sexual harassment by his colleague, Councilor Stephanie Martins several months back.

Le has not attended a council meeting since being accused by Martins.

It appears likely Le will not be attending city council meetings anytime soon as the law is not a short dash type race.

Rather, the law moves at the pace of a long marathon.

Le, therefor, is a councilor without a council to attend.

This is a situation that cannot be allowed to go on without end. The city charter provides for a councilor who does not attend a certain number of hearings to be ousted from his or her elected position.

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