Will Globe’s exhaustive reporting register with Healey, Rollins?

By Josh Resnek

Do US Attorney Rachel Rollins and Attorney General Maura Healey read the Globe – and if they do – can they be sufficiently persuaded to investigate and to take action against Mayor Carlo DeMaria and his “cabal” of favored vendors, politicians and lawyers as a result?

This remains to be seen.

The Weekend Globe Sunday edition Everett extravaganza covers nearly everything the Leader Herald has reported for the past five years – and many things the Leader Herald has investigated but did not find the light of day in the Globe.

However, this internecine and incestuous grouping of individuals and business interests has not yet attracted the US Attorney’s office or the Attorney General’s office, that is, until last week.

Healey demanded the resignation of the racist councilor Anthony DiPierro.

Her comments on the Jim Braude and Marjory Egan Radio Show prompted his resignation, finally.

Rollins is new to her job but she is as powerful a law enforcement individual as they come and what’s more, she is a Black woman.

The mayor doesn’t carte for Black women.

Rollins should be made to understand her heavy hand is needed in a community run by bigoted white people led by the mayor to the exclusion of Black people, Brown people, Hispanic people and Brazilians.

About 80% of Everett’s population is non-white.

If this doesn’t cause Rollins to get motivated, well, nothing very likely will.

During the past five years, the mayor appears to have nine lives or some kind of deal with law enforcement to be allowed to do as he pleases without fear of prosecution.

In some quarters among his associates, he is regarded as a Teflon Don, the way the late New York Mafia chief John Gotti wore the same moniker during a life of being a crime boss.

Local attorney Joe Marchese calls DeMaria and his family the “DCF – DeMaria Crime Family.”

The Sunday Globe piece details Everett as a city at odds with the law, at odds with itself, and at odds with the largely minority population that inhabits the city.

Again, will Rollins take a look at voter fraud, which the mayor said in the Globe piece, “I don’t pay attention to.”

Is admitted voter fraud by the mayor’s vendor, strong financial supporter and friend Greg Antonelli enough to cause Rollins or Healey to act in this instance?

Or is voter fraud accepted by law enforcement as a way of life in Everett? Antonelli and his brother admitted to voting in Everett although both men live outside the city and have lived outside the city for many, many years.

Residency is hard to prove.

But when the Federal Government, the FBI and or the Attorney General’s office and its investigators question voter fraud, residency can be established.

If such an investigation were launched, Greg Antonelli is guilty of voter fraud, and so too is his brother, according to the report published in the Boston Globe Sunday.

You cannot live in Lynnfield as Greg Antonelli does and vote in Everett for your friend and financial supporter the mayor.

Nor can his brother do the same from Japan, where he is presently living.

Does voter fraud matter?

We shall soon find out.

Does it matter to law enforcement that the mayor took $180,000 in longevity payments when he was supposed to have collected $10,000?

Or is the word and rulings by his defrocked lawyers who worked for him suffice as a reason for the mayor to gain payments he did not earn?

“I deserved the money,” the mayor told the Globe. “I didn’t steal anything.”

Why then did he refuse to take this year’s payment? The US Attorney might well ask such a question unless she agrees with the mayor’s lawyers and CFO that the payment was subject to “interpretation.”

The Globe also mentions four previous allegations of sexual harassment allegedly commit- ted by the mayor.

Should these incidents, dismissed by the mayor as “all lies”, be overlooked by law enforcement when it comes to allegations pending against the mayor and the city related to racism and sexism?

Will law enforcement act or will Everett under DeMaria remain untouched by law enforcement?

Will the mayor be suing the Boston Globe for printing defamatory information about him, about his propensity for retaliation against those who do not care to vote for him?

Will Everett remain a place where only favored vendors like Councilor Al Lattanzi and Antonelli enrich themselves while most others are shut out of the DeMaria city hall money train?

That is the question.

Will Rollins send out the FBI to investigate? Will Healey get involved?

The mayor of Lowell now serving time in Federal Prison is a saint compared with DeMaria.

How does the mayor of Lowell get to go to jail while DeMaria is allowed to do as he likes as though the law doesn’t exist for him?

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