The Celtics

Who said winning isn’t everything!

The Celtics reaching the finals for the NBA Championship is not about how the game is played. It is exclusively about winning. The Red Sox now resurgent and coming together represents the same.

It is not about how the game is played.

It is about winning. Or is it?

If the game isn’t played well there is not much of a chance of winning – although playing well and winning are one in the same.

The Celtics going on to compete for the NBA Championship is big medicine in the world of Boston sports.

Although nothing these days seems quite as it was when us Baby Boomers were coming of age, and folks like Bill Russell and Larry Bird were playing for world championships, the Celtics competing for the crown excites the hearts and minds of millions of New England residents.

At the beginning of the season, very few were willing to bet much less to predict the Celtics could coalesce into a world championship contender.

Now comes the great test, the ultimate test – whether or not the Celtics can bring home the bacon.

That remains to be seen but we’re rooting for them.

All of New England is doing the same.

Go Celtics.

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