Congrats to Class of 2022

We urge our readers to scan the photographs in our graduation special for one finds the face of America in those photographs.

The face of Everett is also revealed in all its incredible diversity.

Kids graduating from Everett High School and heading out into the world today remains a classic American photograph of the American Dream at work, at its very best.

A look into the faces of these Everett kids, smiling and seemingly happy, joyous and joined by family and friends during this annual right of passage reveals more about us as a culture than the sickening, random gun violence plaguing the nation.

We won’t bore our readers with platitudinous nothings about the meaning of high school graduation except to say this: the graduation was a terrific high point for many Everett kids, a great number of whom will be heading off to colleges and universities in the fall.

But you don’t need to be heading off to college to succeed in life, in your life, we would tell the graduates.

Every one of them will find their way and their ultimate place in this extraordinary nation called the United States of America.

Another thing to know about these kids which marks their ascendancy to adulthood is that they grew up in Massachusetts in the city of Everett. They came of age at a time in a place where most of us think differently than most other parts of the nation.

Attention was paid to these kids, not just as the law requires, but as is typical in the state of Massachusetts, and might we add, as it has been typical of the city of Everett.

The idea of public education here is for no one to be left behind, and for public school education to be as good as it can be given the trials and tribulations caused by funding needs and the changing times.

The Class of 2022 is entering the world at a difficult moment in the post pandemic scheme of things.

Everything has changed. Nothing has changed.

One generation comes, another generation goes.

The flow of humanity going out into the world is eternal, like the tides.

We wish the graduates of the Class of 2022 our best. Nothing is easy. Very little is just handed to you when you are 17 or 18 and from Everett or from anywhere.

You must go out and earn your place and make something of yourself.

That process began at Everett Memorial Stadium Saturday morning.

Good luck.

The world stretches before you all like an endless dream whether you know it or not.

Take hold of that dream and make your life happen.

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