The Chicken And The Egg And Another Ten Minute Treat That Satisfies

By Josh Resnek

If you don’t like eggs. If you don’t eat eggs. If the thought of eating an egg or two makes you sick to your stomach, don’t read this.

If you enjoy eggs, as I do, as I always have, then this short food story is about a ten minute treat is right up your alley.

OK. I awaken Monday morning. I am starved. I go downstairs in my home to the fridge.

Speaking truthfully, the fridge is essentially empty except for basics after the weekend.

I want something tasty, delicious, soft and rich with several different levels of sweetness.

In rapid succession, I boil two eggs.

I sit down to write in my study. Of course, I forget I’m boiling two eggs.

I rush back to the kitchen. The eggs are hard boiled. There is no water in the pot. I cool the eggs. I take Hellman’s Mayo out of the fridge. I grab two scallions. I cut in half about a dozen cherry tomatoes that are absolutely sweet and ripe. Luckily, I’ve got a bag of Lay’s potato chips that are fresh and crispy.

I am ready to create.

And don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a food creation to ogle at. It is a simple plate done with ease that turns out to be a wonderful early morning starter.

I peel the shell from the eggs. I toss the shell bits in our compost. My wife demands I use the compost.

I take a plate. I crush the eggs with a fork until the eggs are pulverized without large bits. I take a spoonful of Hellman’s Mayo. I toss that onto the egg. I mix it up. I take a small taste. Glorious!

So simple. So glorious.

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